Renal Nutrition & Metabolism


Renal Nutrition can be defined as a diet recommended in chronic renal failure and which is intended to regulate the consumption of protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and fluids.

Because the kidneys of individuals on dialysis are incapable to cope with excess fluid and other metabolic wastes, it is vital that the nutrient content of foods spent by these people is prudently composed. Individuals using dialysis often consume poor amounts of macronutrients, fluids and important micronutrients. Evidence suggests that the build-up of toxins that can occur with renal failure can also conquer the appetite. As a result, people being treated with dialysis frequently reduce the quantity of food they consume.


Metabolism is the chemical reactions involved in retentive the dwelling state of the cells and the organism. Metabolism can be fairly divided into classes,

Catabolism - the breakdown of molecules to acquire energy

Anabolism - the synthesis of all compounds needed through the cells.

The kidneys have many clearly distinct physiologic functions. Although their role as an excretory organ for drugs and chemicals and their polar metabolites is well defined, their immersion in the biotransformation of Xenobiotic is comparatively poorly understood.

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